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Your photography is amazing. I enjoyed your international photo's - not to mention the frogs.

- Sue-Z Ostrander-Schwab August 02, 2009

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Question   frogs
i love your photos on frogs very much; very true to life and very colorful.

- dennis ganas February 04, 2009

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Question   Amazing Photos!
I love all your photos Stacey! I especially like the Berlin wall and the water photos. I can't wait to see more!

- Annie Stitgen December 02, 2008

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Question   Beautiful Photos!
Stacey ,

What beautiful photography. Stunning. Thank you for sharing.

Leslie Howard

- Leslie Ann Howard December 01, 2008

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Question   Outstanding photography!
You have such great depth in your photography! I REALLY enjoyed your site! You have some very marketable photographs and real talent behind the lens. I look forward to seeing more!

- Brendan Reilly November 28, 2008

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Question   Stacey's Photos
Stacey's photos take me where she's been. They feel like visual song, cool drinks of water for the eye. Taking a break to enjoy them feels like a wrinkle-in-time experience, and I'm saying "ohhhhh". Of course I'm gushing, but I'm a discerning gusher.

- Cynthia Pearson November 11, 2008

  Answer I appreciate you taking to time to cnotruitbe That's very helpful.

- Karik Karik  January 08, 2012

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Question   crosses
Your photo of the crosses over Cusco touched me deeply! It reminds me of a story about three crosses that I read to my daughter when she was very young. Thanks.

- greg greene November 06, 2008

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Question   HIghest Accolades to Stacey Meanwell, the artist
I have just viewed your beautiful photographs and I am amazed at the truly artistic skill you have achieved. These are so much more than photographs. They are art at its finest. Well done!

- Caroline Plummer October 25, 2008

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Question   Frogs
The frog photos are splendid! You are very talented Ms. Meanwell. Have you ever thought of making your photos available for purchase online?

- Honey B. Jones October 13, 2008

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Question   Hornbill
The hornbill shot from Thailand is one of the most beautiful I've seen!
Thank you!

- Brenda Hamel June 14, 2008

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